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A Call of duty & Battlefield clan

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The 55's currently support the Call of Duty and Battlefield franshises

Call of Duty

Since 2007 it has been our bread and butter. It will continue to be for years to come. We are a non-prestige clan in the franchise.


The 55's started supporting the Battlefield franchise in 2011 with Battlefield 3 and there's no stopping it.


Just a few fun videos

COD 4 Night

The first of many videos to come!

The Prestige Care Package N00b

The highly popular documentary, a must watch!

How not to be seen

Another great funny video made by our own English.

how to apply

Why The 55's?

Welcome soldier, you are taking the first steps towards becoming one of the legendary 55′s. We shall point you the way but it is up to you to read, listen, watch and learn. We are no ordinary clan I assure you and we have been rollin high across the world since 2007.

We are widely known and respected throughout the gaming lands and this is down to the activity and conduct of our brothers and sisters at The 55′s.

So first things first.

If you want to join the 55′s you will have to first Sign Up to the site with your PSN as your username. Fill out our Application Form with the following information.

(1) Your PSN name.

(2) Your age. (You must be at least 17 years old)

(3) Your country of origin.

(4) How did you hear about us?

(5) Do you have a mic?

(6) Tell us abit about yourself and your interests.

(7)If someone invited you to join the clan, please state his/her name.

The 55′s are a truly legendary clan, Why ? well because we are above statistics. A 55 plays for the team not for himself. Statistics such as K/D bare no relevance here. We expect our soldiers to sacrifice themselves on the battlefield for the greater good of the clan.

Our goal is to create a fun group of people that game together. We have practices a couple times weekly, and are a very active clan.

We arrange matches from the casual friendly’s to the more serious clan battles/leagues and everything in-between, so whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a relative newcomer seeking to improve your game you should be right at home here.

We recommend you read this thread to let you know what we are all about:

The 55′s Policies and what we expect from you.

To start playing with The 55′s please add as many 55′s to your PSN friends list as you can (Found in the Members List section of this forum)

If you at least add all of the “true prestige” and some of the active members (Players in your own region are also a good bet as they will be in similar time zones!) of this forum you should get into many games with a bunch of us since we all are active.

A high ranking member of the 55s will review your info and reply with a response after a trial period to make sure you fit in with us. During the trial period please use the clan tag “p55″ so we know who you are.

Thanks and Welcome to The 55′s!


Leading the front lines









A more appropriate word would be Servant. In my eyes that is what we are; Servants to The 55's Clan and her children.


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